“The SkyStar Wheel, You must visit this attraction in 2019!”

The SkyStar arrived on Aug. 31 and has since become a fixture in the Cincinnati skyline. Truly — the SkyStar looks so natural down on the Banks, nestled behind the iconic “Sing the Queen City” sign. More than 100,000 riders have enjoyed SkyStar since the fall. And on New Year’s Day, my family and I decided to experience the SkyStar for ourselves…


“Cincy's Beloved Traveling Ferris Wheel Might Not Ever Leave"

Since arriving at The Banks to celebrate the development’s 10th anniversary, the SkyStarobservation wheel has earned the attention of visitors (and their cameras). The 150-foot-tall attraction is the largest of its kind—a traveling ferris wheel that has also made stops in Louisville, Kentucky and Norfolk, Virginia. Originally slated to run from August to December 2018, SkyStar’s presence on the Downtown Cincinnati riverfront was recently extended until at least mid-June 2019, and there’s speculation that it could stay even longer…


CINCINNATI.COM: “Stay extended: All about the 150-foot-high SkyStar observation wheel at The Banks”

After more than 100,000 people have experienced the wheel thus far, Skystar will remain open at The Banks through June 16.


SkyStar Extends its Cincinnati Stay to June!

America’s largest portable observation wheel, brought to Cincinnati to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Banks, is now staying through June 16

CINCINNATI – December 3, 2018 – SkyStar, the 150-foot-high mobile observation wheel on Freedom Way at The Banks, will stay until June 16. It’s originally scheduled run was August 31 to December 2, 2018.

“In its short stay, SkyStar has already become a Greater Cincinnati tradition and a beautiful addition to Cincinnati’s skyline, “said 
Cynthia Oxley, director of Corporate and Community Events for the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. “We’re thrilled that America’s largest portable observation wheel is sticking around for Cincinnati’s spring events including Asian Food Fest and Taste of Cincinnati.

“More than 100,000 riders have enjoyed SkyStar during its Cincinnati visit,” added Todd Schneider of SkyStar. “The people of Cincinnati have been so warm and welcoming. We’re thrilled to stay another six months.”

“We’re excited to have SkyStar with us through the winter months and into the 150th
anniversary season of the Cincinnati Reds,” said 
Tracy Schwegmann of Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate, developer of The Banks. “It’s a great way for our restaurants and retailers to continue the 10th anniversary celebration of The Banks.”

SkyStar provides unique views of downtown Cincinnati, Covington, the Ohio River and the Roebling Suspension Bridge. It features more than one million LED lights. Each of the 36 gondolas is enclosed, climate controlled and can hold up to six passengers. Skystar offers a private experience and riders are not paired with strangers. The SkyStar experience consists of four revolutions and lasts approximately 12 minutes.


“SkyStar is sticking around at The Banks a little while longer!”

The newest, high flying and colorful attraction at The Banks is sticking around a little while longer. SkyStar, the 150-foot ‘mobile observation wheel’ -- (Ferris Wheel) is extending its stay until the summer. The was originally supposed to bring its soaring sights to downtown Cincinnati from Aug. 31 to Dec. 2 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of The Banks, but the Queen City liked it so much it’s staying put until June 16…


“SkyStar observation wheel opens at The Banks to great views and reviews..

The 150-foot high SkyStar observation wheel at The Banksopened Saturday evening to great reviews from WCPO Anchor Tanya O'Rourke and WCPO Multimedia Journalist Jake Ryle after they were among the first riders... 


“All about the 150-foot-high SkyStar observation wheel now open at The Banks!”


“150-Foot-High SkyStar Observation Wheel Will Help Celebrate 10th Anniversary of The Banks in Cincinnati!”

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Banks in Cincinnati, SkyStar, a 150-foot-high mobile observation wheel will open August 31 through December 2. SkyStar will operate on Freedom Way at The Banks, across from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

“SkyStar is America’s largest portable observation wheel and it will light up the sky with over 1 million colored LED lights,” said Todd Schneider of SkyStar. “This experience promises to provide unique views of downtown Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, the Suspension Bridge and the Ohio River.” 


“SkyStar 15-Story Ferris Wheel Going Up at The Banks..”

SkyStar, a temporary 15-story "observation wheel" (aka Ferris Wheel), is going up at The Banks downtown from Aug. 31-Dec. 2. The portable contraption has been traveling across America, setting up shop in cities including Norfolk, Va. and Louisville, Ky. to offer elevated views and a novel, pop-up tourism experience…


“Giant Ferris wheel headed to Banks!”

A 150-foot-high “mobile observation wheel” is coming to the Banks this week to help the riverfront development celebrate its 10th anniversary. The wheel, called the SkyStar, will open Aug. 31 and operate through Dec. 2 on Freedom Way across the street from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.


SECOND Stop: norfolk, va




Waterside District is pleased to announce Norfolk’s newest entertainment attraction, SkyStar at Waterside. Arriving May 2018, the 137 foot high wheel will be located adjacent to Waterside District and offer individuals, groups, and companies a brand new entertainment option this Summer...


"Norfolk is Getting a SkyStar on the Waterfront for the Summer!"

137 feet high. 12 stories above the Elizabeth River. 36 climate-controlled, private gondolas. Need anything more be said? The SkyStar will open outside Waterside this May, according to Cordish, the company behind the Waterside District. It will be around for the summer...


"Norfolk's Waterside District is getting a 12-story ferris wheel!"

"This attraction is the perfect complement to Harbor Park, Town Point Park, Nauticus, and the Battleship Wisconsin. The excitement is building for what will be a memorable summer experience," Alexander said Friday...


"Here are 11 insider details on the Ferris wheel coming to Norfolk.."

The buzz about a Ferris wheel coming to Norfolk began during the State of the City address in March, when Mayor Kenny Alexander announced a new ride would offer expansive riverfront views at Waterside District this summer. But with the speech packed full of new developments and ideas, not many specifics were shared on the giant attraction that will occupy the former Waterside annex-turned-parking-lot. Now that the Skystar Observation Wheel is on its way, The Virginian-Pilot talked to Todd Schneider, managing partner of the company, to get the inside scoop on the project. Here are 11 things to know about the ride:..


"Ferris Wheel at Waterside looking to hire 40 seasonal employees!"

The job fair is Wednesday, May 9th at the Blue Moon Taphouse from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Seasonal positions include porters, security, ticket agents, wheel operators, and loaders and un-loaders. High school and college students are welcome to apply. Anyone attending the job fair should bring a few copies of their resume...


First Stop: Louisville,KY


"Todd Schneider joins John Ramsey to discuss the temporary addition to Lousiville's skyline, The SkyStar Ferris Wheel next to the Big-Four Bridge."

"Todd Schneider joins John Ramsey to discuss the temporary addition to Lousiville's skyline, The SkyStar Ferris Wheel next to the Big-Four Bridge."


" Giant Observation Wheel Coming to Waterfront Park Spring 2018... SkyStar – This Is Not your Grandfather’s Ferris Wheel! "

The Waterfront Development Corporation joined Todd Schneider of SkyView Atlanta, Mike Berry of the Kentucky Derby Festival, and Stacy Owen of 91.9 WFPK Independent Louisville, to announce the spring debut of the SkyStar Observation Wheel at Waterfront Park’s Big Four® Lawn. The Ferris wheel will land at Waterfront Park for a 5-week stay, providing rides on the Big Four® Lawn from March 29-May 6 ...


" A giant Ferris wheel is coming to Waterfront Park! "

A giant Ferris wheel is coming to Waterfront Park for a five-week run this spring — including during Thunder over Louisville. The SkyStar Observation Wheel will be on the Big Four Lawn from March 29 through May 6, according to a news release. It has 36 climate-controlled gondolas that can hold six people each ...


" A giant Ferris wheel is coming to Waterfront Park this spring, just in time for the Derby! "

A giant traveling Ferris wheel will be parked at Waterfront Park this spring, offering aerial views of the river and skyline, as well as a nightly LED light show. The SkyStar Observation Wheel, one of the world's tallest traveling observation wheels, is set to be in Louisville for five weeks, according to a news release from Waterfront Park that describes the attraction as "Not Your Grandfather's Ferris Wheel." ...


" Giant Traveling Ferris Wheel Coming To Waterfront Park! "

A traveling Ferris wheel will soon brighten Waterfront Park, offering rides and views during Waterfront Wednesday, Thunder Over Louisville and the Kentucky Derby, officials announced Thursday. SkyStar, the operator of the observation wheel, touts the 137-foot attraction as one of the tallest traveling Ferris wheels in America. It’s outfitted with more than a million LED lights, and will have 36 six-passenger gondolas for people to ride. Waterfront Park Event Director Ashley Smith said the park is thrilled to welcome the attraction, marking it as a sign of progress. ...


" Waterfront Park will be home to a 137-foot Ferris wheel through Derby! "

It’s a bird, it’s a plane — you’ll be able to see just about anything coming through Louisville when Waterfront Park gets a giant 137-foot Ferris wheel-like structure called SkyStar Observation starting Thursday, March 29. ...


Giant observation wheel coming to Louisville’s Waterfront Park! "

The Waterfront Development Corp. joined Todd Schneider of SkyView Atlanta, Mike Berry of the Kentucky Derby Festival, and Stacy Owen of 91.9 WFPK Independent Louisville, to announce the spring debut of the SkyStar Observation Wheel at Waterfront Park’s Big Four Lawn. The Ferris wheel will land at Waterfront Park for a 5-week stay, providing rides on the Big Four Lawn from March 29-May 6. ...